Makeup Isn't A Mask-It's Art!

Christina Shaw


Just Being Fancy was founded in 2016.  A beauty industry veteran, with over eighteen years of experience working for Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden,  MaryKay, and many other cosmetics companies. 

I was frustrated by the retail hours and not being home to spend time  with my family. I didn't want to leave my passion but needed to be home. I made the decision to leave the retail world and get my insurance license and work regular office hours in Feb 2018. I am loving my new career and now have the chance to put Just Being Fancy into reality. 

I have always wanted to own a boutique and surround myself with fancy things. I love Bling and all things shiny and the city lights! 

The name Just Being Fancy came to me in Jan 2016 with the intense and overwhelming sensation that I was to have a business with that name and use it to help woman and little girls feel amazing. After many ideas of where I was headed with my vision, I have settled into Just Being Fancy being a Mobile Makeup Service for woman and Mobile Glam and Spa business for little girls. 

I am open to traveling and am booking all event makeup such as wedding parties and prom makeup. I will also be doing spa parties for young girls ages 4-12. I want to keep my prices low and the service outstanding. 

I am also working on adding things to my online store and will hopefully one day own a boutique. I will be selling some sugar scrubs and bling jewelry among other fancy things. Check back soon, I'm adding things weekly to the site. 

 Thanks for reading all about me and Welcome to Just Being Fancy!!